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Manufacturing Support Specialists
not all service is the same

ENTAKT is a complete service solutions company comprised of professionally trained service technicians and customer service professionals. Supporting various manufacturing industries and equipment manufacturers, our no-nonsense approach allows us to provide prompt and accurate responses to our customers.

ENTAKT literally means to “control the process or cycle”. It is  a unique identifier to our purpose of reducing waste due to down time  and its direct link to the lean manufacturing process.

Our employees are trained in various skills and techniques, and are experts on a wide range of equipment and machines, providing a high quality experience to our customers. The ENTAKT technician training and certification program was designed to focus on the "ENTAKT WAY" of doing business, allowing our technicians to provide consistent high quality support at a fair price. Custom training programs are developed for each customer or client; our technicians become your experts for each unique equipment setup and process.

Dedicated customer service teams understand the need to be readily available and be able to provide quick and accurate responses, and the ENTAKT team is uniquely trained to efficiently handle a wide range of issues. Our team focuses on fostering long term relationships built on trust, understanding of your unique requirements and expectations, and effective communication. We’re relentless in our effort to satisfy our customers with forward thinking execution, handling service promptly and efficiently.

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