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Grow Your Company
(not your to-do list)

ENTAKT is a leader in automation and a trusted Partner to Grow, sustain, or repair your manufacturing capabilities. 

Process Improvement

There is always room for improvement. Whether it is a machine, a process, or a plant, ENTAKT can help evaluate different solutions to increase efficiency, throughput, or waste reduction.

Field Service & preventative Maintenance

Not all service is the same. Let ENTAKT help you get back up and running quickly. We can then help you predict and prevent downtime to keep you running with less headaches. 

Machine Rebuild, Overhaul, & installation

Need to add safety to an old machine? Want to update the controls system and components in your process? Need some extra hands to install and start up a new line? We can do it all!


With a rapidly changing manufacturing landscape, it can be hard to keep up on the newest technology. ENTAKT can train your staff and ensure they are equipped with all the needed technical skills to help your business succeed. 

We Work on...

  • Fillers

  • Checkweighers

  • Conveyers

  • Scales

  • Baggers

  • Carton Erecters

  • Tapers

  • Sealers

  • Printers

  • Roll Stock Machines

  • Palletizers

  • Waste Water

  • Pasteurizers

  • CIP Skids

  • Pick and Place Tables

  • Cookers

  • SCADA Systems

  • Factory Controls

  • HMI Design

  • Feed Tables

  • Stitching Equipment

  • Mixers

  • Freezers

  • Ovens

  • Inspection Stations

  • Fish Skinners

  • Extrusion Equipment

  • Formers and Cutters

  • Custom Machinery

  • Full Head Presses

  • Swing Beam Press

  • Traveling Head Press

  • Slitters

  • Skivers

  • Paper Cutters

  • Heel and Toe Laster

  • Belt Sanders

and more...

Our skilled team can tackle anything.

Field Service

Our skilled employees undergo diverse training, becoming experts in various types equipment and machinery. The "ENTAKT Way" ensures consistent high-quality support at fair prices. We offer services like supplemental labor, emergency support, predictive and preventive maintenance, project management, process audits, and spare part inventory analysis.


Qualified Technicians working with the customer to complete onsite equipment repair
Providing a full overhaul and disassembly of equipment

equipment overhauls

Sometimes machinery needs more than a basic PM and doesn't need to be modernized. ENTAKT will strip the machine, provide a thorough cleaning, inspect all components, replace worn or damaged components, and complete reassembly/testing. Throughout the entire rebuild process, part quality and availability will be focused on to provide increased efficiency and avoid any obsolete items. Services can be completed on site or in one of our ENTAKT facilities.

Equipment Upgrades

A new machine or line can be an expensive option when just dealing with outdated and obsolete components. At times, an upgrade may be the right choice. ENTAKT will modify equipment with readily available hardware and components focusing on future availability of all components. Current functionality will be maintained and additional improvement options will be included to allow a more efficient and improved process. ENTAKT can help throughout the entire evaluation process and provide the best options to ensure a return on investment.

Upgrading a full head press to include a new PLC and operator HMI
Manufacturing specialist conducting an efficiency audit

Machine & Process Audits

Safety, efficiency, and reliability audits are designed to deliver effective analysis and increase your return on your investment. Processes, documents, equipment condition and equipment history are evaluated. Our team will work with your team to develop an optimization plan that will provide the best path to increased safety and performance.

Training session


ENTAKT offers specialized training at our facility or within your facility. Certified trainers can develop customized training for operations and maintenance. Training includes classroom, hands-on, opportunities to practice skills learned, and final assessment. Training courses can be customized and conducted at your facility.

Why Choose ENTAKT?
Not All service is the same

ENTAKT is a complete service solutions company comprised of professionally trained service technicians and customer service professionals. Supporting various manufacturing industries and equipment manufacturers, our no-nonsense approach allows us to provide prompt and accurate responses to our customers.

ENTAKT literally means to “control the process or cycle”. It is  a unique identifier to our purpose of reducing waste due to down time  and its direct link to the lean manufacturing process.

Supporting a robotic cell build

Our employees are trained in various skills and techniques, and are experts on a wide range of equipment and machines, providing a high quality experience to our customers. The ENTAKT technician training and certification program was designed to focus on the "ENTAKT WAY" of doing business, allowing our technicians to provide consistent high quality support at a fair price. Custom training programs are developed for each customer or client; our technicians become your experts for each unique equipment setup and process.

Dedicated customer service teams understand the need to be readily available and be able to provide quick and accurate responses, and the ENTAKT team is uniquely trained to efficiently handle a wide range of issues. Our team focuses on fostering long term relationships built on trust, understanding of your unique requirements and expectations, and effective communication. We’re relentless in our effort to satisfy our customers with forward thinking execution, handling service promptly and efficiently.

What is "THE ENTAKT WAy"?

The ENTAKT way is our complete package:

  • Focusing on the employee and customer experience.

  • World class standards and performance are delivered at a reasonable price.

An ENTAKT way employee is:

  • Highly qualified with various certifications based on their responsibilities.

  • Continuously trained in their field and cross training with other disciplines to create a well rounded knowledge base. 

  • Consistently familiarized with the newest technology the industry has to offer. 

  • Trained to effectively and transparently communicate throughout the entire process working as a partner with their customers.

An ENTAKT way customer experience is:

  • Based on exceeding expectations.

  • From the initial introduction and throughout the entire process, the customer will feel like a partner.

  • We are working together on a plan towards the same goals .

All ENTAKT employees, including apprentices and management are trained utilizing the ENTAKT Way training program. This allows a strong understanding, throughout the organization, to deliver the same performance that we are known for every time.

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