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ISO 9001:2015 Certified

    What is "THE ENTAKT WAy"?

    The ENTAKT way is our complete package:

    • Focusing on the employee and customer experience.

    • World class standards and performance are delivered at a reasonable price.

    An ENTAKT way employee is:

    • Highly qualified with various certifications based on their responsibilities.

    • Continuous training and development is at the core of the ENTAKT way employee.

    • Along with the mechanical, electrical,and electronic skills, they are also trained in the soft skills.

    • They are trained to effectively communicate throughout the entire process working as a partner with their customers.

    • All ENTAKT employees, including apprentices and management are trained utilizing the ENTAKT way training program.

    • This allows a strong understanding, throughout the organization, to deliver the same performance that we are known for.

    An ENTAKT way customer experience is:

    • Based on exceeding expectations.

    • From the initial introduction and throughout the entire process, the customer will feel like a partner.

    • We are working together on a plan towards the same goals .